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Hair transplantation in Turkey

More than 5,000 people perform hair transplant operations in Turkey every month. Mostly men are coming from the Middle East, estimated at three and a half thousand per month. All this is due to the quality of service and high healthcare.

Hair transplantation at Plus Hair Turkey

Plus Hair Turkey offers complete services to its clients starting with accommodation in Istanbul's best hotels, tourist areas, airport reception, private car transfers,and interpreter. You also get an integrated treatment bag and guarantee for lifetime.

Hair transplant for men

Hair transplant for men is the most common hair transplantation and of course due to genetic hair loss, which affects more than 35% of men

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Transplant of the beard

The technique used to implant beard and mustache is the same in hair transplant, which is the technology of the unit of extraction of the follicle, which takes the hair from the back of the head over the neck and is implanted in the beard area

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What is hair transplant?

Hair is simply transferred from areas where the hair is thick and these areas are called donor areas and cultivated areas where there was hair loss called the implanted area

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The Technology of Follicular Unit Extraction

is simply picking hair follicles one by one from the donor area directly in preparation for re-implantation

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