Hair Transplant For Man

Hair transplant for men is the most common hair transplant, and of course, the cause comes back to genetic hair loss which affects more than 35% of men.
Causes of hair loss vary among men and the genetic factor is at the top of the list of causes which is due to the possibility of hair roots affected by male hormones such as testosterone, leading to the death of these follicles and thus hair loss.
The follicles of hair in the front and head area are different from those behind the head  (at the top of the neck) which is not affected by testosterone, which qualifies it to be a donor area.
 There are also many causes of hair loss such as deformity as a result of accidents, burns or psychological conditions and others.
At Plus Hair Center, we do hair transplant for all baldness and hair loss cases, using  FUE extraction technique.
Plus Hair Center ensures the results of its life-long operations and grants a paper guarantee.
Men’s hair transplant operations at plus hair center are the most common operations. The center has performed more than 6,000 hair transplant operations for men over 10 years.
The center also provides all medical and plastic surgery.