About Us

The team at Plus Hair Turkey has an extensive experience in hair transplantation, where worked for more than 10 years and gained considerable fame in Turkey, Europe and the former Soviet Union.
And the rapprochement between the Turkish people and their brothers from the Arab world, the Center’s attention has directed to the Arab world, with the honor of adding new clients to a large number of its European clients.
The center has supported its cadre of medical advisors, translators and administrative staff from the Arab brothers, with great medical expertise provided by the Turkish staff.
The medical staff consists of the most experienced hair transplant doctors in Turkey and the world and is assisted by a professional cadre of nurses and specialists.
The staff is supported by an integrated administrative and service team makes the hair transplant trip to Turkey comfortable and interesting for our client.
At Plus Hair Turkey, Doctors use the latest techniques in hair transplant which is available in the world of hair transplant,The technique of extracting the follicle, where the  follicles are picked from the donor area and implant them in areas where hair loss, these are picked one by one and replanted at the same way.
This technique requires great precision and concentration from the doctor and his assistants.This is what distinguishes Plus Hair from other centers.
Hair transplant doctors at Plus Hair Center Turkey perform the following operations.
  • Hair transplant for men.
  • Hair transplant for women.
  • Hair transplant for beard and mustache.
  • Hair transplant for eyebrow .
  • Treatment of hair loss.
Plus Hair Turkey offers complete services to its clients starting with accommodation at the best hotels in Istanbul, in tourist areas, airport reception, transfers, and a translator. You also get an integrated treatment bag and guarantee not hair loss for lifetime.