Treatment of Hair Loss

“At Plus Hair Turkey,we rely on the latest scientific knowledge in the field of treatment of hair loss and scalp where plasma therapy or what is known as PRP is the most advanced technology in amazing results.

How to process hair loss by plasma PRP ?

The amount of blood of the patient is withdrawn and inserted into a special device to separate the plate-rich plasma from the other liquid blood components. The plasma is injected into different areas under the skin to be treated.

How is the treatment ?

The method of treatment of hair loss plasma and skin is a revolutionary method and has amazing effects in the renewal of skin cells and prevent hair loss as if the plasma works to restore the components of skin cells.
Plasma works to stimulate stem cell proliferation and its dividing. These cells are responsible for producing collagen, regenerating tissues, delaying skin aging and stimulating stem cells in the scalp.
Plate-rich plasma works to regenerate cells responsible for hair growth in the body and thus lead to hair loss.
Plasma treatment is very safe for a lot of reasons, including that the blood is taken from the blood of the patient himself. There is no intruder element on the body of the patient, whether medicinal or organic.
As mentioned, PRP is used for skin to restore the freshness, delay aging and is used to treat hair loss.
At Plus Hair we apply these syringes by injecting during the process of transplant and one by removing the bond and it is applied in cases of weakness in hair density and weakness of growth, in this case, is recommended to use a course of treatment more than two syringes cases and for spaced periods.
The doctor, with the help of a medical consult, will help you choose the best treatment for cases and the number of sessions required.