Beard Transplant

Beard and mustache transplant operations have increased in general recently. Especially at the plus hair center, and despite our extensive activity within Turkey and our turkish clients for years, most of the arrivals now come from the Arab region, especially from the Gulf region.
The results of these operations are largely guaranteed, and in most cases, the result is better than the natural beard. This is due to the shape of the beard at the request of the patient, which will not need to be identified by the razor blade.
The technique used to implant beard and mustache is the same in hair transplant, which is the technology of the extraction unit. The hair is taken from the back of the head above the neck and is implanted in the beard area.
Between 1000 and 3000 follicles are implanted in the beard area and the operation takes 3-6 hours and the patient is consulted on all steps of the operation.
Points of blood will be observed in the implanted area because of the anesthetic needle used during hair follicle transplant but will be removed with the first washing.
The body will start feeding the implanted hair and for this reason, you may notice a slight redness in the implanted area.
The redness lasts from one week to two weeks, where the implanted hair starts falling naturally in the second week.
The implanted hair begins to appear in the fourth month and may last for eight months depending on the nature of the body.
In particular, beard transplantation requires the accuracy and experience of the doctor in the operation, to take into account the growing trend of hair implanted and the sensitivity of the transplant area and its impact on the shape of the face.

Mustache transplant:

The mustache is implanted in the upper lip area if there is a problem in this area, whether caused by an accident or naturally or in the case of wounds or burns that caused disappear hair from the area.
The same technique is the extraction unit of the follicle and does not need a large number of follicles and can finish work in the transplant in an hour to two hours