Hair Transplant for Women

Alopecia stages set. Front view portrait of a woman losing hair. Female pattern baldness. Health and beauty concept. Vector illustration. Perfect for transplantation clinics and diagnostic centers.
Hair transplant for women is a very common operation in Turkey and European countries. Most of our clients are women who come from these countries, however, in recent years, the center has received many women from Arab countries.
Many women, as well as men, suffer from hair loss which leads to baldness, but it does not reach the same percentage of baldness as men.
Another reason which make women resort to hair transplant is the broad front, which is common in Arab countries where most of the cases are minimize the front.
The rate of success of hair transplant for women is not different from the rate of men and up to 100% in the event of the person’s commitment to the instructions and instructions of the doctor.
We also use the extraction technique of follicle for women to grow hair in the same way in men.

In general, hair must be shaved until good results are obtained in transplant, but in some cases where the hair loss area is not large a part of the donor area is shaved where it will be taken out,where the specialist doctor supplants hair from the area from which will take the hair follicles from the back of the head .After hair transplant, it will not be possible to notice any abnormalities in women’s hair. As for the density of hair, it has become possible to ensure the intensification of hair for women well.