Eyebrow Transplant

It is the simplest transplant operations due to the small implanted area and the limited number of hair follicles needed to implant the eyebrow.
In general, the transplant of natural eyebrows is common, especially for women, where the eyebrows are formed according to the patient’s wishes and in accordance with the general desire.
Some patients resort to some operations are as a result of the loss of hair of the eyebrow or part of it due to an accident that led to injuries or burns in the eyebrow area and also the result of this process is guaranteed in terms of the result.
The same technique is used in the hair transplant, which is used to implant head hair, which is the technology of follicular unit extraction, where the follicles are extracted from the back of the head one by one and implant in the eyebrow area.
The eyebrow transplant takes an hour to three hours to discuss the patient and take his or her opinion at every step. Keep in mind that one hair in the wrong place on the eyebrow area may change the appearance of the face.
The patient can shower immediately after the day of the eyebrow transplant, provided that the water is not pumped directly on the eyebrow area and not be strong. The patient should not rub the eyebrow area and avoid violent sports that may endanger the area.
There are a slight reddening and redness in the implanted area but it quickly disappears in a week at most.